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Media Training

Reach YOUR Audience.  Tell YOUR Story.
Voiceover and On-camera Media Training
Are you ready to have your voice break through the noise? 
Are you ready for your Executives to shine and become the "go-to" on-air thought leader?

Jon's voice has been heard in countless households & vehicles across America. Literally millions of American's recognize his voice and his face for his work on the Howard Stern Show, America's Most Wanted, CNN, FOX and more. 

Let Jon use his expertise to come and do media training for your Executives and your brand. Jon's down to earth and practical approach will teach you how to across personable and conversational on camera while also honing your message into simple, digestible soundbites. Ask about the Leiberman List for success!


“Jon is a power-house voice talent. Instantly recognizable and instantly credible with the audience - I knew I had to work with him right away. He's a star, but he's too humble to admit it. Adding him to our roster was a very smart move."

Gabrielle Nistico, Operations Director -

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